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Old books, valuable books and bargain price books

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The Studio Bibliografico IAVARONE prepares five paper catalogues a year including old books, rare, valuable and bargain price books.
We've made a web site not only to market antiquariam book works and book works of different cultures (With the insertion online of selling catologues and of on web search).
We've organized this web site to make easy the link and the knowledge online of the websites of italian and foreigner biblioteques and of other websites of great clutural importance link: literary authors, websites specialized in art graphics, in archeology, italian and european italianist departments and moreover.

In the site there are same support for audiences of antiquarian books and for scholars office:

. a kay (legend) of the most common abbreviations, a pentaglot lexicon that includes specific words used in the bibliographic and book field in the following five languages: italian, english, french, german and spanish.

. 200 termini specifici utilizzati nell'ambito bibliografico e librario,

. un glossario con 200 lemmi ,

. A collection with history and description of 40 different typographic types(characters) adapted for the typographic machines used in the XX sec.

. a web searcher of bibliographic works ordered on author and on subject present in the national biblioteques of Roma, Florence and Naples, valid to make good bibliographic researches.

Historical notices : Our Study has been present on the market since 1993, has pubblished 55 catalogues and has put up for sale 50.000 books.

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